Changes in waste collection in Kłodzko

Dodano: 5 July 2017
Flota ENERIS Surowce

From July 1st there has been a new operator responsible for receiving wastes in Kłodzko. Contract of self-government with ENERIS Surowce, a company that has been collecting waste in the city for the last 4 years, ended on June 30. Due to the change of operator, all waste containers will be changed. The collection of containers belonging to ENERIS is underway.

ENERIS Raw materials S.A., as a company that has completed the contract for the collection of waste in the area of Kłodzko, is obliged to collect the its containers, however, without any waste contained inside them. The Company is requesting to empty the containers that have been used so far. Any waste has to be put in the containers provided by the new operator. From July 1st ENERIS is not entitled to receive waste from Kłodzko area.