We operate throughout the whole country, providing services to more than 1 million residents.


5,500,000 km is the distance covered by our vehicles every year.

This total distance is equal to 7 journeys to the moon and back.




3,800,000 is the number of bags that we distribute every year for selective collection of waste.

That is more or less the number of inhabitants of Panama.



1,100,000 residents use our services.

This number of people could fill in the national stadium in Warsaw 19 times.



400 000 tonnes – we collect this amount of municipal waste every year.

This is approximately the mass of all living 2500 blue whales, the largest mammals on Earth.



300,000 is the number of bins and containers that we have.

This is more or less the number of trees growing in a forest of 60 hectares.



270 000 tonnes is the production capacity of our facility for Mechanical-Biological Treatment of waste.

 Its weight is equal to 1180 Statues of Liberty.



1000 employees work in our 22 offices, companies, and plants.




100 is the number of local governments we work with.




96% of waste collected from our business partners is processed.