At ENERIS we employ over 1000 people.

Every day, manual workers collect, transport, and sort waste and raw materials; maintain the technical condition of our fleet of over 300 vehicles, and ensure that city streets are clean. Office workers take care of finances, logistics and advanced IT systems that support our daily work. Employees in customer service centres provide support and help in any situation, whenever it is needed. The Development Department is committed to implementing state-of-the art technologies and solutions. It plans investments so that our offer can always meet requirements of the best available technology (BAT).

We believe that each of us is an ambassador not only for the company, but also for environmental protection. That is why in our daily work we are guided by three values: responsibility for the natural environment, the initiative to limit our impact on nature and commitment to develop and implement innovative technologies that help pursue these objectives.

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ENERIS Academy

Every year our vehicles travel more than 5 million kilometres through almost 100 municipalities. More than 300 specialised vehicles are manned by 600 drivers and loaders. We organise annual specialist training courses, which are held under the banner ‘ENERIS Academy’. During the training courses we cover a number of topics: for example, what environmental protection is or how to segregate waste properly, and we teach the principles of economical driving. We remember occupational safety and customer service issues, because every employee builds the image and position of our company.